Workshop at the open science conference

28 June 2023 We will run a workshop at the coming Open Science Conference, which will be held online: register to the conference, mark your calendar and join us! Conference: 2023-06-27 to 2023-06-29 Workshop: 2023-06-28 14:30 (to 16:30) Creating a research hardware publication ecosystem: Technical and cultural roadmap In this workshop, we will present the requirements of researchers/makers/engineers that we collected from our 15 interviews, discuss requirements of other participating communities, and draw a roadmap for the creation of the cultural and technological ecosystem which will eventually allow for the recognition of FAIR hardware as a research output.

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defining FAIR for research hardware

This blog post will present our progresses in our work on defining FAIR for research hardware. It has been updated, you can see its history on github. Summary After a gosh forum entry and initial meetings, we have created a RDA group for FAIR hardware: httpS://rd-alliance.org/groups/fair-principles-research-hardware. The group has agreed on a charter that has been endorsed by the RDA. Our next tasks are: Preparing the plenary and get more members Work on the definition of open hardware.

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