OpenMake II application: published and funded

| November 25, 2023

OpenMake II

It is a pleasure to announce that the Open.Make project has been funded for another 2.5 years. The work will become more practical and local. We are one of three projects that received a second round of funding by the BUA. While you can download the full application on zenodo: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.8220972, here is a very short summary of our plans.

During the next nearly three years, we will work, on the one hand, on hardware publication. We will implement a tool for a publication system which will allow for the publication of peer-reviewed open research hardware. Our work inside the RDA will cover the social and cultural aspects of creating a place for hardware publication in academia.

On the other hand, we will work locally. We will build an academic open hardware maker community inside the Berlin University Alliance institutions. We will offer specific training and teaching formats for open source hardware development for the researchers and students, as well as a direct support including a mobile / pop up workshop.

Visual poster of the Open Make project plan. Four working packages are indicated around a figure of the Turing way book representing reasons to open the hardware creation work in academia.

Open Make project plan, see pdf version here

The team

The Open.Make core team does not change. We are welcoming a fourth PI from the Charité, such that all four BUA universities are represented.

It is also time to congratulate Assitant Professor (!!) Sacha Hodencq, team member as guest researcher at TU Berlin, who got a permanent position in Grenoble (Maître de conférences).

Our second guest researcher also at TU Berlin, Dr. Julieta Arancio, got a wonderful opportunity as an open accelerator fellow by Open Research Funders group.

Robert Mies will defend his PhD thesis early next year, he was also involved in another successful grant application (Local Accessible Urban Digital and Sustainable Factories -LAUDS-, 2024-2026, Horizon Europe, grant ID 101135986).

Poster image re-use: The Turing Way project illustration by Scriberia. Zenodo.